To all our Clients : PLEASE NOTE at the time of ANY booking we will ask for a small deposit towards the treatment, this is non refundable, IF the below 72hour policy is not adhered to.

Please be aware if you are trying to call on a Monday we are closed. Please note we do have a 72 hours cancellation or changes notice, otherwise we regret to say that clients will be charged for the missed treatment. If it is a voucher booking the voucher will also be lost and cannot be rebooked again. If additions have been added onto the voucher they will also be chargeable. Please bear this in mind if you have a Tuesday appointment we would need to know by the Saturday beforehand, if you have a Wednesday appointment we would need to know the Sunday before your appointment before 2pm as this is when we close and if you have a Thursday appointment we would need to know by the Sunday beforehand if any changes need to be made (before 2pm on a Sunday), as we are closed on Mondays. Please also note, 72hours TO THE HOUR of your appointment would be required. If it is a salon promotion you have booked with us, the money taken will be non refundable if we are not given the full 72hours.If it is a group booking, we would need changes to be made based on the first appointments start time.

If at any time changes need to be made, email form is not acceptable. Any client would need to speak with a member of staff on the phone at Suprina salon and spa on 0121 452 5895 or 0121 454 8332 and then receive an email confirmation of said cancelled appointment.

If a treatment is booked and paid for this payment will be non refundable. however if you give us 72hours (to the hour,) or more we can move the appointment to another day of your choice. Please remember an email is not accepted as notice, so a phone call would be required during opening hours, followed by an email confirmation of cancelled appointment.

BANK HOLIDAYS need to be excluded when calculating the 72hour notice period.

Please note for any appointment, if you are 15minutes late (or more) as a salon, we do have the right to name the appointment as CANCELLED and use that time for something else. However this happens very rarely and will be at the discretion of whoever is managing the salon on said day.

Please note we CANNOT take any appointment bookings via email. It must all be done and confirmed verbally, over the phone. If any client emails to cancel an appointment it will not count as a cancellation. Please look at our opening times and call when is convenient for you.

If any client leaves any personal belongings or items of clothes behind, we will keep said item for 4 weeks until we discard them.

Please note due to health and safety reasons we cannot have children in the salon waiting while parents have treatments or in the treatment rooms with them. It is strictly one client per therapist in any treatment area.
If there are any young adults having treatments in the salon, the salon would need to be made aware of this before booking and most likely they will need to be accompanied by an adult.

PREGNANCY- We cannot do a massage for any pregnant clients lying on the bed, however we can tailor all of our treatments to suit our pregnant clients- please ask for more information.

Please note there is also a strict NO PHONE policy for anyone having a treatment inside any of our treatment rooms.

We do have an OPEN PLAN salon and do offer treatments to both male and female clients, (however waxing is done in a private room in the basement of the hotel where we have allocated other rooms for this.) The treatment rooms in the main salon are divided with a heavy interior design curtain and room divider screen.

SIENNA X spray tans are NOT suitable for anyone in the first trimester of their pregnancy.

A skin test will be required 24-48hours before any tint treatment.

HEN PARTIES- please note once any group booking or hen party is booked in, we require at least a 50% deposit a month before the date of arrival. Please also note we do then require ONE WEEKS NOTICE if any changes or refunds need to be made to the booking.

DEAL SITE Customers- please note for any redeemable voucher there will be limited weekend availability. However we will always try our best to get you booked in at a suitable time for you and for us. We do also require advance booking for any voucher. Please also note for any UPGRADED treatments, there is a 72hour canellation or changes policy. It will not be accepted to cancel any upgrade on the day of said treatment & the person who books the treatment will be held responsible for any upgrades.

If there are any customers who are planning to use the leisure centre facilities it is £6 a day to use. Please bring a padlock with you and a towel. Also note we are a separate business and are privately owned, so if you have any further questions regarding the leisure centre please call them on 0121 452 5894. Clients may need to call ahead of time if they wish to use the facilities as there may be classes on / maintenance work taking place

Snowy weather conditions- please note that as a salon policy we will only cancel appointments the DAY BEFORE anyone is due in if we feel the weather is getting worse. If the appointments have not been cancelled the DAY BEFORE then they will still be going ahead. If we feel our therapists will manage to travel into work (on public transport,) then the appointments will continue. If customers cancel appointments due to snow and the therapists are at work for the day the appointment will still need to be paid for or any voucher bookings will be void.

For any customer having a pedicure with us PLEASE remember to bring a pair of flip flops so that the polish does not smudge. We may forget to tell every customer to bring flip flops.

For any customers having manicures, pedicures or any type of gel nails with us- if any polish smudges in salon we will do our best to fix it in the time available. However once every client has left the salon happy, we can no longer accept responsibility for any smudges or thumb prints on the nails.

* Please note the gels nails can be chip resistant for upto 3 weeks depending on how well they are maintained. We cannot accept responsibility for any chips , thumb prints or smudges once clients have left the salon.

We do appreciate all cooperation with the above and are grateful to you, for taking the time out to read them. Thank you