TO ALL OUR CLIENTS : PLEASE NOTE at the time of ANY booking we will ask for a SMALL DEPOSIT towards the treatment. Please refer to the Ts and Cs tab for more information.

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Please call 0121 452 5895 / 0121 454 8332 to discuss pamper parties, we will travel to your home and do massages, manicures, pedicures, gel nails, hair, party makeup and most importantly we do SIENNA X spray tan parties.

There is a minimum group number needed and price will depend on distance and treatments required !


F A C I A L treatments (unisex)

Dermalogica Face Mapping

  • Inch by inch analysis of the skin PLUS, an easy home care routine is prescribed- complimentary when £30 worth of products is bought.
  • Please talk to one of our therapists about this.

Dermalogica Facials-

  • 20minute MICROZONE treatment £20 (targeted treatment for a specific zone.)
  • 30min Facial- £27
  • 40min Facial – £32
  • 1 hour Deluxe facial – £42

If you spend more than £65 with us on Dermalogica products you get a complimentary 40min facial (valid for 1 month only)



  • The Chinup Mask is a revolutionary facelift and contouring mask that has taken the market by storm. It can help to reduce the appearance of unwanted fat around the neck and chin whilst moisturising and hydrating the skin. The Chinup Mask uses advanced technology to offer you all the benefits of a surgical facelift without the expense and pain of lengthy medical procedures. Using 100% natural fruit extracts, it has been specifically designed as a safe, efficient and cost-effective alternative to surgical facelift methods.

    – Helps to lift and firm the chin and neck.
    – Tightens sagging skin.
    – Designed to reduce the appearance of fat under the chin
    – Helps to give the appearance of firmer skin and contours the jawline
    – Can help to reduce the signs of ageing by boosting collagen production
    – Hydrates, moisturises and cleanses the skin.
    – Made using therapeutic natural fruit extracts.
    The Chinup masks gentle, skin-friendly formulation ensures that skin damage is not a worry when using this contouring mask. It can be used safely and reliably to give you a quick lift and confidence boost when you need it most

    £20.00 PER treatment (packages are available.)

Dermalogica Facials-

    Dermalogica Active Resurface 35 (AR35) / Microdermabrasion –

    (Please note on left hand side of this web page, there are four photos, one of them is a leaflet about AR35 so please feel free to go onto the WELCOME page to view this for more information.)
    AR35 is the Dermalogica version of a Microdermabrasion treatment but has far better qualities!

    It is 45minutes long and targets:

    -Premature ageing/sun damage/fine lines

    – Pigmentation/uneven skin tone

    – Dehydration

    – Congestion & breakouts

    – Dryness/flakiness

    Also great for back facials or back acne

    It is a layered exfoliation that provides intense resurfacing to stimulate cell renewal and cell turnover. The treatments are customised to your skin type. A course of 6 is required for maximum benefit and one facial would need to be taken every week for 6 weeks.

    £55 x 6 = £330 , with a 7th free facial which works out to £47.14 per facial.

    If a trial treatment was required we can do one facial to begin with at £55, but we must stress the benefits really come from having a course of 7. If after the 1st trial facial the client wanted to take on the package of 7, we would minus the £55 from the total and the client would be able to enjoy the benefits of the package instead. * There is a week limit after having the trial facial to let the salon know if the package was wanted.

    For more in depth information please call us on 0121 452 5895.

    Dermalogica BioSurface Peel –

    Many chemical peels are too tough on skin, but BioSurface peel is different. There is NO DOWNTIME and NO SCARRING !

    It is an accelerated exfoliation that targets:

    – Fine lines

    – Decrease surface roughness

    – Hyperpigmentation

    – Breakouts/ Acne to take skin health to a whole new depth – and it can even be used on sensitive skin

    – Stimulate cell turnover and collagen production

    – Brighten the skin

    – Reduce signs of photo ageing and skin ageing.

    Following a chemical peel such as this one, the deeper layers of skin will respond by generating new skin by increasing the production of collagen. The result is a look that’s smoother and more youthful and most clients experience a noticeable results within 2-3 treatments from fewer lines to smoother texture and reduced breakouts – it is a deeper exfoliation treatment to the Microdermabrasion.
    Some clients may actually peel and others will not, however it must be mentioned the ”peeling,” is minimal and almost appears just as dry skin NOT large areas of the skin will peel off.

    Please contact the salon to discuss further as there are steps that need to be taken before any peel is done.

    £65 x 5 = £325 , with a 6th free facial which works out to £57.17 per facial.

    If a trial treatment was required we can do one facial to begin with at £65, but we must stress the benefits really come from having a course of 6. If after the 1st trial facial the client wanted to take on the package of 6, we would minus the £65 from the total and the client would be able to enjoy the benefits of the package instead. * There is a week limit after having the trial facial to let the salon know if the package was wanted.


    MICROBLADING – semi permanent eye-brow definition


    Microblading is a version of semi permanent makeup where a fine blade is used to deposit pigment to the upper layer of the skin where the eyebrow lies.The strokes appear crisp and remain extremely fine.

    It can help to :
    – Add definition
    – Add individual hair strokes to sparse eye brows- to give a full defined look
    – Recreate an eyebrow where there is no hair at all


    First treatment – £190
    First top us – £50 (lasts between 1-2 years)
    Tops ups thereafter – £50-100 Depending on clients treatment history


    B O D Y treatments (unisex)

    PLEASE NOTE- we cannot do any of our massages for pregnant clients lying on the bed, however we can tailor all of our massage treatments for our pregnant clients. Please ask for more information.

    Dermalogica Touch Therapiesextra attention for specific areas

    One Area Massage (INTENSE) for 15 minutes – £15

    Two Areas Massage for  30minutes – £25

    45min Massage (usually the whole back of the body) – £35

    Full Body Massage – 1 hour / £45

    Full Body Massage (inc scalp)- Same as above, however the scalp is also included. This relieves headaches and tension- 1 hour 15 / £50

    Suprina’s 15min Indian Head Massage  –  £18

    Suprina’s Indian Head Massage (30mins) £25


    Sienna X Spray Tan (unisex)- for all ethnicities and skin types.

    Our Sienna X spray tans are done in our cool, private room in the basement of the hotel, we stock 8%, 10%, 12%  AND ‘tonight’s the night.’

    NOT suitable for anyone in the first trimester of their pregnancy. Please also note, you will not be able to go into the pool or gym after a spray tan.

    • Normal Full body spray tan – £19
      Best to wait 8-10 hours for full development.
      Tan will last 7-10 days depending on how well you follow the homecare advice.
    • Block book and buy 5 tans for £87.50
      (Payment is taken upfront for 5 tans but can be booked within a year from purchase.)
    • Tonight’s the night – £23

    This does not take as long to develop (2hrs)

    Tan will last up to 5 days but is for someone who is EAGER to have a tan quickly.

    Prior to a full body tan :

    Please shave / wax 24-48 hours prior to a spray tan.

    Please do NOT moisturise on the day /before a spray tan.

    DO exfoliate before a spray tan to lengthen the duration of a spray tan.

    Please remove all perfumes, makeup lotions and deodorant before a spray tan.

    Please wear or bring loose old clothes to wear after a spray tan and flip flops if possible.

    Please remove or bring a contact lenses case for all contact lenses.

    We will not be able to do any waxing and or eyelash / eyebrow tint on the day of a spray tan.

    We will not do a spray tan during the first trimester for anyone who is pregnant.

    For all other contra-indications ie. Asthma, skin conditions, allergies, illnesses please consult Suprina salon and spa before booking.

    Post Tan:

    Do not wear tight clothes immediately as they will rub against the tan.

    Avoid touching the tan as you may stain your palms.

    Avoid excessive exercise as the perspiration can turn the tan green.

    Will not be able to use the leisure facilities after a tan.

    Leave for 8-10 hours before washing off.

    We do stock all Sienna X post treatment products which we can recommend and will promote the lengthening of you tan.

    PLEASE also note we do SIENNA X spary tan parties in your home so call 0121 452 5895 to discuss.


    H A N D S  & F E E T … (unisex)

    On all Manicures & / or Pedicure we can now also add genuine Swarovski crystals.

    • Swarovski gems – 0.25p per crystal for the smaller ones & 0.50p for the LARGER crystals.
    • You can use the larger ones to cover a whole nail – price dependent on how many crystals used – this is known as the CRYSTAL MANI/PEDICURE and can be between £15-£20 a nail.
    • Some choose only to have one nail done and the others painted. Very popular on the toes !
    • If you want the gems and know in advance please tell the receptionist who takes the booking, that more time will be needed for crystal work.

    – – – – – –

  • We can also do a FADED GLITTER effect on the nails (pictures on facebook !)
  • 0.75p for two nails OR £3.50 for all fingers. It looks AMAZING !
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    • Jessica express file & polish manicure–  £13
    • Jessica Prescriptive Manicure (file, polish, nail soak and cuticle work) –  £21
    • Jessica Deluxe Manicure- (All of the above with a massage) £28
    • Paraffin Wax Treatment- For softer skin &/or pain relief from arthritis- £25


    • Jessica Express file & polish for feet– £15
    • Zen Spa Pedicure–  £25 (NO footbath included)
    • Zen Spa Deluxe Pedicure- £33

    MINX nails

    Minx nails have become the latest must have fashion accessory with hundreds of designs to choose from, and … they don’t chip ! The minx nails can last for upto two weeks on the hands. The minx nails can last for upto eight weeks on the toes .

    • Minx on the feet – £25
    • Minx on the hands – £23

    Jessica GELeration

    – GELeration is a new soak-off gel polish which enables weak, bitten or problem nails the chance to grow. It is simply know as a LONG LASTING nail polish.

    – There is no harsh, nail damaging or buffing for removal; GELeration is easily soaked off in just 10 minutes and a fresh colour can be reapplied straight away.

    – You will have manicured nails that are instantly dry, chip resistant and retain that ‘just done’ high gloss finish without the need for re-glossing with a top coat.

    –  They look natural unlike acrylics.

    –  They can last anywhere between 2-3weeks.

    –  It has been tried and tested and lasts longer than shellac.

    – We will give homecare advice which is at the discretion of each individual to follow to maximise the benefits of the GEL nails. They CAN and WILL last 3 weeks.

    • Manicure is £24
    • MATTE Manicure – £27 (photos on facebook group)
    • Pedicure is £28 (this excludes the footbath, dead skin removal / leg exfoliation.)
    • MANI and PEDI is £48
    • For French please add £5
    • Removal is also an extra £5 when you re-book or you can simply come back for a soak off.
    • There is NO FOOTOAK in the Gel Pedicure – if this is required, it is an additional £10.
    • If one or two nails need re-doing between treatments, it is £1.50 per nail.

    Please note the Gels nails can be chip resistant for upto 3 weeks depending on how well they are maintained. We cannot accept responsibility for any chips , thumb prints or smudges once clients have left the salon. Thank you

    Jessica PHENOM nails
    Jessica PHENOM polishes are somewhere in between normal Jessica polish and Jessica gels … there are a few differences between the three types of polishes we do !

    * * * Application- £2 addition to any manicure / pedicure * * *

    – Phenom polishes can last for up to 7-10days. Gels last longer.
    – Phenom polishes are applied in similar way to normal Jessica polishes.
    – We use a prescriptive Jessica basecoat under the polish unlike the Jessica gels, so any nail conditions can be treated.
    – You can remove a Phenom polish with normal nail polish remover, unlike Jessica gels which require a professional soak off.
    – They dry (when under natural light,) in15-20minutes, unlike normal Jessica polishes.
    – There are different colours in the Phenom polishes.
    – We retail the Phenom polishes as we retail the normal Jessica polishes, but NOT the Jessica gels as a UV light is required to dry them.

    Please note the Phenom nails can be chip resistant for 7-10days depending on how well they are maintained. We cannot accept responsibility for any chips , thumb prints or smudges onc clients have left the salon. Thank you


    F E M A L E W A X I N G . . .

    • Full Leg–£22
    • Full Leg (inc bikini)-£27.50
    • Half Leg (inc knee)- £15
    • Full Arm- £15
    • Underarms- £9
    • Lip or Chin- £6
    • Lip & Chin– £11
    • Eyebrows–£6
    • Full Face (inc brows)– £20
    • Sides/Cheeks– £8.50
    • Stomach- £8
    • Chest Wax (women)-  From £10
    • Back/Lower Back– From £12
    • Buttocks – £12
    • Bikini Line Wax -Hair that falls just outside the underwear line-  £10
    • Brazilian- A narrow strip of hair is left down the middle- £15
    • Hollywood or The Sphinx- Removes all the hair – £20

    PLEASE trim before any female intimate wax. Please also avoid touching the area after any waxing or threading and avoid the use of any gym, sauna or steam room. Thank you

    T H R E A D I N G . . .

    • Eyebrows / Upper Lip/ Chin – £5
    • Full face (inc brows)- £18
    • Sides/ Cheeks- £6.50

    Other Eye Treatments – a skin test will be required for any tint treatment (24-48hrs before you come into the salon.)

    • EyeBROW Tint – £8.50
    • EyeLASH Tint – £10.50
    • Lash & Brow Tint – £17
    • Hollywood Lashes (false lash inserts) – £55 – done by a professional HOLLYWOOD Lash expert.
  • TAILORED EyeBrow Shaping/ Waxing/ Defining – £25 – done by a professionally trained BROW expert.

This treatment can last for uptp 6 weeks and is very similar to HD Brows, however it is a tailored treatment – there are pictures on our Facebook page which really speak for themselves.



  • Chest Wax From £18
  • Shoulders- £7 +
  • Back Wax (inc shoulders)- £22 +
  • Underarms–  £12 +
  • Chest and Back- £38 +
  • Brow Tidy THREAD/ WAX £5.50 / £6.50
  • NO intimate male waxing unless the therapist feels comfortable after two or three waxing sessions for other areas.

    Please note waxing prices do vary per person and after a few treatments the price will most likely come down as less time will be needed.

    IF POSSIBLE please trim before any male wax.

    *All Dermalogica Facials are Unisex treatments *


    H A I R & M A K E U P …

    Please call in salon to discuss prices.

    All makeup and hair is done by our very own, in-house professional Hair & Makeup Artist.


    • (Just) Straightened –  £10 +
    • Curls- £15 +
    • Hair Ups for parties and weddings will need to be discussed individually.

    Hotel Leisure Centre : To use the leisure facilities in the hotel it is £6 a day. Please note we are two separate businesses and the leisure center is open to the public. Clients would need to bring your own towels and padlocks. For more information you can call them directly on 0121 452 5894. PLEASE NOTE – Clients may need to call ahead of time if they wish to use the facilities as there may be classes on / maintenance work taking place.


    Thank you