Monday – Closed

Tuesday – 10 – 6pm

Wednesday- 10 -6pm

Thursday – 10 – 7 pm

Friday – 10 – 6pm

Saturday – 9-5pm

Sunday- 10-2pm

Please be aware if you are trying to call on a Monday we are closed. Please note we do have a 72 hours cancellation or changes notice, otherwise we regret to say that clients will be charged for the missed treatment. If it is a voucher booking the voucher will also be lost and cannot be rebooked  again. If additions have been added onto the voucher they will also be chargeable. Please bear this in mind if you have a Tuesday appointment we would need to know by the Saturday beforehand, if you have a Wednesday appointment we would need to know the Sunday before your appointment before 2pm as this is when we close and if you have a Thursday appointment we would need to know by the Sunday beforehand if any changes need to be made (before 2pm on a Sunday), as we are closed on Mondays. Please also note, 72hours TO THE HOUR of your appointment would be required. If it is a salon promotion you have booked with us, the money taken will be non refundable if we are not given the full 72hours.If it is a group booking, we would need changes to be made based on the first appointments start time.

If at any time changes need to be made, email form is not acceptable, each client would need to speak with a member of staff on the phone at Suprina salon and spa on 0121 452 5895 or 0121 454 8332. Thank you


Thank you

PLEASE NOTE – The Leisure center is a separate business from ours and is open to the public. Clients may need to call ahead of time if they wish to use the facilities as there may be classes on / maintenance work taking place 0121 452 5894.